True freedom will be attained when all information is liberated.

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  1. Ofir says:

    Yesterday I was pointed to your website for the third time in the last month, so I decided I had to send you this e-mail.

    My name is Ofir, and I’ve been an activist all my life, in the Israeli occupy movement, in the web, and in my career. I am the founder of a content marketing agency in Israel that specializes in cool/revolutionary stuff, and lately we’ve opened a publishing platform for privacy/the removal of central entities/decentralization projects and theory.

    The platform was built to maximeze incentive for content creators to use it as an outlet, and as such, it allows you to create your profile with your logo, cover, bio, link to your website and social channels that will appear at the footnote of every story your publish.

    Our role in this is what we do best – market the content. We’re getting 2,000 views per post minimum, with many reaching 5,000 and the website is inly 7 weeks old.

    I would love for you to open a profile and publish Privacy Is The Enemy in parts, so I could have to honor of disseminating this interesting piece of literature.

    Here is the link to create your profile

    Please contact me for questions and high fives.
    Yours truly,

  2. Caleb says:

    “On the inside, they remain Closed and Centralized and are at constant risk of corruption
    and compromisation, regardless of how virtuous their present leadership may be.”

    “compromise” is the word which should be used instead of “compromisation”. Weird English.

    nice article.

  3. Canal do Otário II says:

    1. You are effectively only rehashing the statist, authoritarian David Brin’s arguments from nearly 20 years ago, cf. The Transparent Society. Now, even more than then, these utopian thoughts are so bad that they are *not even wrong.* (Make no mistake: Brin is a rabid opponent of the concepts of individualism and freedom and a tremendous apologist for the concept of a coercive state.)

    2. Sousveillance, insistence on *public entity* and *organizational* transparency, and so on are indeed effective counters to the total surveillance state, though such collective entities will fight to the death to preserve their own informational. Neither the good of the individual or of society, or of the cause of liberty, are served by deprecating individual privacy. The human psyche can not thrive under the unnatural conditions of universal observation.

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